Kraus Industries Ltd - Biomass Energy Plants – Waste to Energy

Kraus Industries offers a full range of waste to energy products assembling the precise solution needed to produce energy from waste in an environmentally friendly and cost effective way.

Using only proven technologies for the combustion of various fuels and producing energy, created Kraus industries as a market leader and waste to energy specialists on the global market.

Kraus Industries solutions range from waste to energy equipment supply to full turnkey installations. The solutions provided to our clients ensure them a long-term efficiency, maximum continuity and productivity.

As a global leading technology provider in the field of waste to energy facilities, Kraus industries offers well proven technologies along with customized systems and master concepts, project planning and design, engineering planning and documentations, civil works, construction and operation as well as maintenance and full turnkey power plants.

Kraus Industries can provide you with the following technologies:

  • Gasification power plants
  • Fluidized bed boilers and plants
  • RDF / SRF Combustion systems

Delivery schedule: 12-24 months for full turnkey project.

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